Terms & Conditions

Sabkaa Payments Ltd offers service to the Retailers is based on the below Terms & Conditions.

Retailer/Sabkaa Store Obligations

  1. Retailer shall be solely responsible for the privacy and storage of the Username, Password and PIN as the activities made through the same are legally bonded to the Retailer and hence Sabkaa shall in no way be held responsible for any and all misuse of the same either by Retailer himself or by any unauthorized third party.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of the retailer to protect the password of the Computer / Mobile Phone / Tablet through with our portal is being accessed.
  3. Retailer shall in no means reveal or disclose the Username, Password or PIN to any Third Party even in a scenario of maintenance of the computer and in case of any such urgency the retailer shall take the privilege seek the assistance of Sabkaa’s Support Team so as to delete or remove the details of the same.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of the Retailer to make sure that the money that they handover is only with an authorized Distributor of Sabkaa and on a condition where a representative of the Distributor is approached to collect or obtain money, then it shall be the responsibility of the Retailer to ensure the identity of the person.
  5. If the Retailer notices that the Distributor has not updated the wallet within the stipulated time of 1 day, without any reasonable cause, then the retailer shall report the issue to Sabkaa’s Support Team.
  6. It shall be obligatory from the part of the Retailer that receipt of any monies remitted for any services shall be obtained from the Distributor.
  7. It shall be the responsibility of the Retailer to be informed about the updates on scheme available with Sabkaa so as to forestall the remittance of excess monies being sought by the Distributor for any sort of upgrade on the account.
  8. If the Retailer notices that the Distributor is keen on soliciting to avail services via a Third Party Company, then the same shall be informed to Sabkaa with immediate effect.
  9. The Retailer shall in no means respond to any Email / SMS / Calls that inquire about Retailer’s Username/Password/PIN as neither the Distributor nor Sabkaa demands a query on the same.
  10. It is mandate for the Distributor to provide appropriate training on the usage of Software to the Retailer and in any scenario if it is found that training session is not provided then the Retailer shall officially inform the same to Sabkaa’s Support Team in order to make immediate assistance.

Maximum Allowed Service Charges

  1. The Retailers / Sabkaa Store shall not charge any excess amount / extra charges as service charge, other than the stipulated amount detailed for each service categories as per the agreement.

Displaying of Branding / Hoardings

  1. It shall be mandate for the Retailer that the services offered shall be displayed in a conspicuous place of the business premises.
  2. It shall be mandate for the Retailer to display the Agent’s Certificate in a conspicuous place of the business premises / Shop / Outlet.


  1. Sabkaa Payments Ltd provides wide range of product & services through its platform for retailers to sell it further to their walk in customers.
  2. Sabkaa integrated wide range of training materials and resources to get familiar with different product and services offered.
  3. Retailers must acquire good knowledge about each product & services before they start pitching or selling to the customer.
  4. Retailers should not misguide the customers by giving wrong information’s.


  1. Sabkaa shall provide necessary assistance via Phone / Email / Ticket / Chat, from 09:00 to 21:00 from Monday through to Saturday and 10:00 to 17:00 on Sunday.


  1. All disputes related to the Transaction needs to be reported to Sabkaa via Email, Chat, Call or by raising a Ticket i.e. any means of retailer’s option and once a dispute is initiated Sabkaa shall provide a report on the dispute raised but timings may vary depending on the services availed by the Retailer albeit Sabkaa assures T+2 for providing a report on the dispute raised, in addition to that Sabkaa shall not be responsible for any uninformed delay from due to Technical issues or from Operator’s end.

Trading Wallet

  1. Sabkaa Store / Retailers needs to maintain enough trade advances in a B2B Trading Wallet with Sabkaa Payments Ltd in order to use any of its services.
  2. Sabkaa Payments Ltd maintain the trade advances in a secure electronic format and only authorized retailers are allowed to use the trading wallet for purchasing different product & services.
  3. Retailers can topup / fill their trading wallet by contacting the nearest authorised Sabkaa distributor or can use the Payment Gateway.
  4. Trade Advances maintained in the trading wallet is non refundable.

AMC, OTC and Refundable Security Deposit.

  1. Sabkaa shall charge a One Time Non Refundable Fee (OTC) for providing necessary software and an Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) as per the mutually agreed rates mentioned in the Application Form towards the proper maintenance of the entire platform (GST shall be applicable as per the Government Norms / Rates).
  2. In case of Refundable Deposit Charges, the amount to be refunded shall be absolutely interest free and the said refundable deposit charges shall be transferred only after three months of winding up of business /Permanent Termination / Permanent Deactivation of Account and Sabkaa shall observe that no complaints are raised within the stipulated period and in if finds to receive complaints shall act as denial to release the Refundable Deposit Charges; these terms are subjected to change as per terms and conditions.
  3. Retailer shall be denied from refund of security deposit in case of winding up of business within a stipulated period of 1 year.
  4. The charge / amount paid towards software as One Time Charge shall be a Non - Refundable Amount.
  5. Sabkaa shall annually issue invoice detailing the AMC and Retailer shall pay the same within a period of 15 Days (Working Days) as specified in the invoice.

Tax & Invoices

  1. Sabkaa shall provide / issue proper receipt for all the Services availed by the Retailer and Retailer is of responsibility to manage and remit the tax in connection with the business by their own.
  2. Sabkaa shall provide tax invoice to the retailer in a monthly basis and retailer is of responsible to issue invoice to the walk in customers on real time basis.

Modus of Earning

  1. Commission, Revenue Sharing, Incentives, Discount etc shall be detailed on the Website and the rates will be decided on the updates available with the same.

Commission & Revenue Sharing

  1. The commission or part of revenue that is to be shared by Sabkaa Payments Limited shall be as per the mutually agreed rates. Commission fixed for certain services will be added to the trading wallet instantaneously and commission fixed for certain other services will be added on weekly or monthly basis.

Membership & Renewal

  1. Membership as a Sabkaa Store is valid for One (1) year and renewal of the same is subjected to the discretion of Sabkaa Payments Limited.

Relationship with Customers

  1. No business can exist without customers; it is important to know that rapport with your customer leads to success in business hence it is of utmost importance that customer should feel valued. Being a Sabkaa Store / Retailer you should understand the customer’s expectation and try your best to meet their expectation. Here technology plays only a secondary role as the first impression about the company and product depends on how you handle the customer. Customer always remembers being treated well. Always give customer a reason to return to your business. A proper awareness about the product as per the requirement of the customer gives the impression to the customer that he is given primacy. It is also equally important to prove that a Retailer is a reliable person too. If something goes wrong from your end then do show the courtesy to inform the customer immediately and do rectify the same or try to compensate them for the inconvenience. Customer count even on the minutest thing you do hence customer should never be misled, ignored and the behaviour towards the customer should be with respect and at the same time a Resident Business Associate should also concentrate on building trust, communicating, transparency in business and thanking them for the business.

Overcharging from the Customer

  1. Sabkaa Store/Retailer shall not charge any excess amount from the customer as Sabkaa Payments Limited shall not be responsible for any monies charged in excess from any customer.

Document Handling – Privacy

  1. Sabkaa Store/Retailer shall respect the privacy of its Customer and shall not use the data collected from its Customers, for any purpose other than to process the service they demand and Sabkaa Store shall also not disclose the data to any third-party without the prior consent of Sabkaa Payments Limited.

Appearing Before the Public

  1. Sabkaa Store shall not actively solicit /promote/ advertise/address the public about any products and/or services and/or about the company without the prior consent of Sabkaa Payments Limited as RBAs are neither employee nor appointed to speak or appear before media or public to represent Sabkaa Payments limited in addition to that Sabkaa Store shall also not post or comment on social media that misleads the public.

Earning Disclaimer

  1. Any Income / Earning statements are estimates of income potential only, and there is no assurance that your earnings will match the figures presented, which are provided as examples. Your reliance on the figures we present is at your own risk. The information contained in this program is based on sources and information reasonably believed to be accurate as of the time it was prepared or created. However, this material deals with the business modes that are constantly changing and are subject to change thence the completeness and current accuracy cannot be guaranteed by Sabkaa; these material do not constitute legal, compliance, financial, tax, accounting or related advice and the same shall be considered as a general guideline; Any case studies, examples, illustrations provided herewith cannot guarantee that the user will achieve similar result. In fact your result may vary significantly and factors such as your market, personal effort and many other circumstances may and will cause results to vary.

Fraudulent Activities and Transactions

  1. Any loss or financial loss arising out of any fraudulent activity, fraudulent transaction misconduct, fraud, cheating, misappropriation or any act lacking in good faith shall be the sole responsibility of Sabkaa Store.

Legal Disputes

  1. The Sabkaa Store shall attempt to settle any dispute that arises under the said Sabkaa Store Membership / Sabkaa Payments Limited through negotiation and mutual agreement and Sabkaa Store shall inform Sabkaa Payments Limited about the dispute before initiating any legal proceedings.